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Hi! I’m Hillary and I’m passionate about bringing balance and organization to our day-to-day lives. I’m the proud owner and operator of Divide and Conquer Concierge Services. Bringing a holistic approach to work-life balance, Divide and Conquer services the Guelph and Tri-City.

I have always had a tremendous passion for helping people and making their lives easier in sometimes small but often significant ways. When asked what is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job, I always answer; crossing things off a to-do list.

My main goal through Divide and Conquer is to give back one of the most precious commodities to my clients – their time. My services help to offset the “busy work” of life that often eats up our downtime between work and play.  I believe an organized space helps calm the chaos that sometimes gets the best of us in life. I am here to build that space for you so you too can bring calmness, order and joy into your life and home.

Hillary Pagnucco, Guelph personal concierge
Hillary Pagnucco first consultation meeting

Our clientele


Whether you need travel arrangements coordinated, business errands ran or you are a busy professional who needs their at home to do list taken care of, we have you covered!


Imagine coming home to the dishes being done, beds made, food prepped, house tidied, and your to do list checked off? We know how busy being a parent can be, and we are here as your extra set of hands!


We strive to help keep you in your home for longer. We can help take care of picking up prescriptions, getting the laundry done, prepping food, and running those pesky errands that tend to stay on the list far longer than hoped for.